Sunday, August 26, 2007
  Bloc Party start work on new material!

Speaking to yesterday at the Reading Festival, Gordy has confirmed that Bloc Party are already working on new material for the third album! They spent the past week rehearsing a dozen new tracks in London and will head into the studio tomorrow to do some preliminary recording with Jacknife Lee, producer of 'A Weekend In The City'. There's talk of a brand new single this year, but this will depend on how much progress they make next week. Either way, the band are definitely eager to keep their creative output ticking over.

Watch the interview below:

And here's an interview with Kele, also from the Reading Festival:

And finally, click here to read Matt's Reading Festival blog for Guardian Unlimited.

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Ooh what I wouldn't give to have a brand new track release inbetween albums, just like 'Two more years', which is one of two of my favorite songs of all time:D

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Bloc Party christmas present!
i can't wait. :)
Why couldnt they have played some on thursday in brighton! as it was only 1 new(ish) song! please do another marshalls tour to showcase guys!!!
I hope they don't showcase the new stuff. All the bootlegs kinda ruined the inpact of the new songs for me.

Great to hear they're making new stuff. Hopefully the gap between the albums won't be as big as last time...
I agree with the guy above me, the bad quality versions of waiting for the 7:18 and uniform sort of put me off a little :p Although I hope they play some new songs over the winter stadium tour, not sure if they would take that big a risk though on such a big stage.

yeah well if you read up on how AWITC was made, it took them just about a year from the start of the process to release it, so perhaps we can expect bloc party to headline reading and leeds next year, supporting the release of a new album? that would be awesome!
Jacknife Lee really needs to go away, he's a horrible producer and everything he touches gets so much worse.
i agree...bring back paul epworth as producer...magic
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