Tuesday, August 19, 2008
  Bloc Party get intimate...

During the course of tonight's webchat, Bloc Party announced details of their third album, titled 'Intimacy'. And, would you believe it, they've kinda done a Radiohead. If you preorder the album now (here), you will receive the digital version on Thursday 21st August (two days time!), and the CD will arrive on October 27th with new tracks tagged on.

Here's the 'Intimacy' tracklisting...

01. Ares
02. Mercury
03. Halo
04. Biko
05. Trojan Horse
06. Signs
07. One Month Off
08. Zephyrus
09. Better Than Heaven
10. Ion Square

Looks like Kele's been reading up on his Greek mythology. So, mucho surprise, huh? Who's taking Thursday off?


yes i will take thursday off for Intimacy
thats weird
all these names related to greek things
kele must be up to something
Bloody hell! This is more awesome than we could've hoped for from the chat! I'm excited as anything.

Although the name is pretty poor.

This is awesome, I woke up this morning and i thought what does Bloc Party have install for us Aussie Fans and here we are lol.

So excited.
At Reading Festival from Thursday. Do they have yet another trick up their sleeve? I bloody hope so or its a treck home to listen to it!
Ah. I thnk it's a good name actually! I'm excited but worried.. when I heard A weekend in the city I was kind of disappointed.

I'm in two minds, I love mercury but I want it to feel more like a band but at the same time I think if it was just the same style as silent alarm it wouldn't be that amazing.. :S
Awesome news! At Leeds though hmph. Wonder if they air any new tracks. CANNOT WAIT.
Just ordered it. :D Cant wait. Come on you bloc. Thursday awaits. :D
Fuck it.I have no idea how to pay for the digital album.I don't have a credit card and thats the only way to pay...-.-
I like the name... Fingers crossed, this will be something special. The problem with Mercury was the lack of Gordy and Russ, so that's fixable. Anyway; there was nothing on A Weekend In The City that was that similar to The Prayer, so maybe the rest of the album is different (if they're pulled out an album of Fluxalikes, I will be rejoicing for weeks).
Placed my preorder this morning. Counting down to Thursday.
I Wonder if the song better than heaven has anything to do with the song just like heaven by The cure. like not that they are similar just Kele pointing out better things than heaven?
Is anyone having problems deciding which to buy, I'm split between downloading the album and CD to get the extra song(s), or just downloading it. £5 for an extra song seems quite a lot. Whats everyone else doing?
Just get the the whole thing george!! its a new album, £5 has gotta be worth it! its only £10
i'm not happy - this hasnt downloaded properly - and they just give you ONE download.... now i'm freaking albumless! MERR!

come on customer service.... grr
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